The Advantages...

In the current economic climate everyone is taking a closer look at their overheads...


Maybe you don’t want the extra commitment of taking on more staff to cover your current requirements not knowing future needs…I can help

  • Reduce your overheads/expenses on software, hardware & training...
  • Get access to specialised skills & software...when YOU need THEM!
  • Expand your resources without the need to employ additional staff
  • No need to purchase additional software seats
  • No need to purchase additional equipment
  • Redirect energy & personnel into the core business
  • Budget projects efficiently by knowing your costs up front
  • Reduce overall management burden while retaining full control
  • Save time & money on staff training
  • Reduce overheads & free up resources
  • Eliminate peak staffing problems & level out fluctuations in resourses

I can save you money & increase your efficiency...

BIM | CAD when YOU need IT!